Windows built with care

Quality of a window lies in its composition and compliance with the strictest requirements.

By trusting us you can be sure that your windows were thoroughly tested, fully certified and built with care. We are proud to adhere to the highest standards in the industry and use latest technologies producing our every window and door. Our production operates in accordance with the strictest different markets requirements, inspection is conducted annually.

Quality policy


  • strive to produce the products and provide the services of the highest quality that meet our customers’ needs;
  • constantly looking for ways to meet stakeholders’ expectations;
  • strive to make quality a personal goal for all the staff;
  • create conditions for the employees to improve, express their suggestions and work in high quality;
  • believe that continual improvement is an integral part of our work.

Our certificates

ARADAS products are certified by independent Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German inspection bodies.

Danish Window Certification

Danish Window Certification (DVC) is supplied by Danish Technological Institute.

DVC certifies all ARADAS production. Production is DVC – labeled and complies with the requirements of the Danish market. Danish Technological Institute specialists inspect our production quality annually, which means quality improvements is a continuous process.

NDVK certificate

Kiwa (Testing, Inspection and Certification body) and SINTEF (Testing, Inspection and Certification body) approves the tests required for issuing the NDVK certificate and performs factory and production inspection annually.

NDVK (Norwegian windows and doors control certificate) certifies that ARADAS production and products complies with the requirements of the Norwegian market.

CE marking


Ift ROSENHEIM (Testing Institute for the Evaluation of the complience for Use of Construction Products) and KTU (Kauno technologijos universitetas), issue tests and classification reports for CE marking.
CE marking proves that ARADAS products has been assessed and meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.