Insulated glass units

Insulated glass units play significant part to meet sustainability standards: maintain ideal indoor temperatures and prevent heat loss. Our standard 2 -layers or high-performance 3-layers insulated glass units are produced with selective glass coating (Low-E) and filled with argon or krypton gas. Warm edge spacer bars between glass layers reduce both condensation and U-values and maintain that performance for years. Depending on the purpose, insulated glass units can have additional combinations of characteristics: safety & security, solar, sound control and ect. Here you find some major topics to pay attention to, when choosing glass units for your home environment.

Safety & security glass units

Safety & security insulated glass units can be tempered, laminated or combine both characteristics, it provides protection for people against the risk of injuries due to accidental breakage and serves for protection of property from vandalism to burglary. Options are available depending on what safety and security levels needed.

Solar control glass units

Solar control glass units reflect and filter the sun’s rays, allowing natural daylight into the room, but without uncomfortable visual glare. If you are worried about overheating where the glass is under direct or frequent sun exposure, then the insulated solar control glass units is your choice.

Sound control glass units

In order to avoid unwanted noise we recommend to use insulated sound control glass units where there is an increased noise level. There is a broad range of options to set depending on the type of exterior noise pollution your home environment is exposed.

Self-cleaning glass units

Self-cleaning is the ideal cleaning solution for external glazing that is exposed to light and rain. It provides less frequent cleaning – windows stay cleaner for longer period of time.

Anti-fog glass units

Anti-fog glass units designed to significantly reduce the number of external condensation and it make your living space more comfortable while ensuring a clear view of the outside.

Decorative glass units

Decorative glass units with timeless textured patterns enhance style and design for your windows and doors. It is an elegant way to create privacy to certain areas.