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Windows can be designed in various combinations, sizes and decorative partitions and all other individual features of the product may vary to fit your home design needs.

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System Nordic Design Plus, composite 
Function Fixed window
Tech. specifications Profile: Depth: 120 mm Height: 42 mmProduct: Max height, white/laminated: 4000/3000 mm Max width, white/laminated: 4000/3000 mm Min height, white/laminated: 236 mm Min width, white/laminated: 236 mm Max window area (white/laminated): 6,25 m2 Max weight (glass unit): 400 kg Window weight*: 71 kg Installation: screws, anchors or adjufix milled groove (10×10 mm) or U profile as an option RAU-FIPRO® HDF®**
Performance Thermal insulation:* Uw, 3-layer glass: 0,80 W/m²K Uw, 2-layer glass: 1,23 W/m²K Sound control:** Standard 3-layer glass unit: 32 dB Standard 2-layer glass unit: 32 db Special 3-layer glass unit: 38 dB Special 2-layer glass unit: 40 dB Tightness classes: Water tightness (EN 12208): E1200 Air pearmability (EN 12207): 4 (600 Pa) Wind tightness (EN 12210): C3/B3 (1200 Pa)
Enhanced features Options for glass units: decorative, special glasses Classic shapes for profiles, mullions and glass-lists 97 Options for profile colours “Fake sash” option Ventilation
* – values are calculated with warm spacer, for reference window, 1230×1480 mm; **- values for orientation only; HDF® -high definition finishing; RAU-FIPRO® is high tech material with glass Fiber core and PVC coating.

Decorative bars

With a vast array of design, size, colour of decorative bars options available, your home can truly be as individual as you are.
Standard PVC bars Glued on both sides 27/47/77mm +Duplex Download PDF
Classic PVC bars Glued on both sides 22mm +Duplex Download PDF
Combined PVC bars Glued on both sides: Standard bars 27mm outside Classic bars 22mm inside + Duplex Download PDF
Standard PVC bars Glued on both sides 27/47/77mm Download PDF
Classic PVC bars Glued on both sides 22mm Download PDF
Combined PVC bars Glued on both sides: Standard bars 27mm outside Classic bars 22mm inside Download PDF
Bars inside the glass 18/26/45mm Download PDF

Profile colors

Colour accuracy Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online. Contact us for color samples if you need help selecting a finish. *similar to RAL color standard
  • 90+ colors to choose
  • Resistant to UV-rays
  • Higher protection from scratches
  • Grain or wooden surface textures
  • No standard colors
  • Different colors on inside and outside possible
  • Different colors on sash and frame possible


Insulated glass units

Insulated glass units play significant role achieving pleasant, comfortable indoors environment, high thermal properties and preventing heat loss. Our standard 2 -layers or high-performance 3-layers insulated glass units are produced with energy-saving low-emissivity (Low-E) selective coating and filled with argon gas. Warm edge spacer bars between glass layers significantly reduce conductivity (compared to alu) and uplift the overall U-value of a window. Depending on the purpose, insulated glass units can have additional characteristics: safety & security, solar or sound control and etc. Below, our special glasses range. Contact us for more information.

Safety & security glass units

Safe and secure insulated glass units can be tempered, laminated or combine both characteristics in one. It provides protection against the risk of injuries due to accidental breakage and serves for protection of property from vandalism to burglary. Several options are available depending on required level of safety/security.

Solar control glass units

Solar control glass units reflect and filter the sun’s rays, protect all the interior surfaces from fading at same time allowing natural daylight into the room without uncomfortable visual glare. If you are worried about overheating where the glass is under direct or frequent sun exposure, then the insulated solar control glass units is your choice.

Sound control glass units

In order to avoid annoying traffic noise we recommend to choose insulated sound control glass units with increased noise reduction level. We offer a broad range of special glasses depending on desired acoustic level. Glass controls noise by:
  • Reflecting the noise back towards the source,
  • Absorbing the noise within the glass.

Self-cleaning glass units

Self-cleaning glass with special coating is the ideal solution for higher floor buildings with limited cleaning access. The glass uses the natural daylight and the rainwater to break down organic dirt. It also dries quicker and tends not to leave as many streaks, or traces of water. As long as you have daylight and rain, it’s nearly maintenance free.

Anti-fog glass units

The occurrence of external condensation can be a problem, especially in spring and autumn on high thermal insulated windows or doors. Anti-fog glass units significantly reduce the amount of external condensation and make your living space more comfortable while ensuring a clear view through the window.

Decorative glass units

Decorative glass units with timeless textured patterns enhance style and design for your windows and doors. It is an elegant way to create privacy to certain areas.

Decorative glass

Sun control glass

*Glass visuals are for guidance only and may slightly differ from the originals.



Cross-section drawings